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COPYWRITING - The Human Solution: Big Business's Ignored Opportunity

The Train Wreck That Gave Birth to the Org Chart

Two trains met outside of Worcester, Massachusetts in 1841. Train lines had multiplied but the organization needed to control those lines had not yet come into existence.

One conductor and one passenger died. Seventeen others were injured. The wreck highlighted a concerning lack of command and control for the owners.

This was new territory for post-Industrial Revolution business. Suddenly aware that they could not account for nor predict problems, the owners naturally wanted to: (1) do everything possible to avoid such a situation in the future, (2) find the fault in the “machinery” of the system - hold someone accountable for any problems and replace them, and (3) find someone who could be responsible for issuing punishments and finding solutions that aligned with the desired outlook of those in charge.

BLOG - Feeling Good as a Leadership "Must"

Feeling good is the key to my week, and to my life, though I have only just begun to actively practice it. Up to now, confidence, and leadership were based on my spiritual and ethical beliefs and experiences only. Now, I can actually choose feeling good as THE potent tool in bringing me to where I want to be.

See, even horrific people like dictators and power-mongers get what they want - at least for a while. Why is that? They are hardly one's model for good leadership of the kind that serves

BLOG - Work Like a Woman

This is a call to self-awareness: are we Rambo-ing ourselves?

Energy going out - non-stop - resulting exhaustion - getting back into the saddle and starting again.

Like pretty much everyone else, I know how to do business 'like men do it", which is to say that I know how to work hard, and I know the masculine perspective of "going for the goal" (or is it "gold"? I hear it both ways.), and not backing down, and I haven't had the insider's view from men friends at the so-called top about th

COPYWRITING / BLOG POST - #StoriesFromTheStoreFront - Episode #18

"The Care and Feeding of Your Customer Service Agent

Is this what it feels like to take on Customer Service? Been there. Done that. Once upon a time, about 20 years ago, I spent no less than 8 hours on the phone with AT&T. Why did I do that insanity? Because I was determined and a little stupid.

Want to tame the savage beast and get what you want out of your service call? FABulous! Here are some secrets you Did Not Know And Now Will. Here are a few suggestions about the Care and Feeding of

WELCOME EMAIL - Outrageous Courageous Summit Welcome Email

"Our need to face difficulties with courage and self-confidence has never been greater. As the old answerthas fail, we definitely need to come up with new answers. That's a big reason for this Summit - to give you ways to find new answers from new perspectives, new places to root yourself during massive change and uncertainty, and even new approaches to the old and sometimes frustratingly unclear calls to live from your heart, or from a bigger vision."
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COPYWRITING / BLOG POST - Trust and the Feminine Leader

You don't have to be a woman to be a leader who embraces and shares the feminine aspect of leadership. You have to be someone who has as much heart for the betterment of other people as you have for the success of your department or company.

Once upon a time leadership was set up as emotionless and cold - based on numbers and self-protection. That hasn't worked out for us in any way. As individuals under this system, we have invited illness - alcoholism, physical ailments, anger, depression -
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COPYWRITING / BLOG POST: How to give up being liked

Part of Good Girldom is sacrificing things in order to be liked. “I want people to like me, to appreciate me, to understand me. I want people to like what I do and tell me that they like what I do.” Ohmygod, we don’t want to give any of that up!

It’s also sacrificing things in order to be safe. Or to be loved. Or to be whatever that one state of being is that you think will make you happy....
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COPYWRITING / BLOG POST - #StoriesFromTheStoreFront - Episode #30

"Yes, I want to buy a set of plates."

She might as well have said, "Hi, yes, this is the Voice of Doom."

Those freaking, fracking plates! You try it! You try navigating through arguably the WORST series of windows and options to find what belongs to each series of dinnerware. And good luck to you. Every single window takes approximately 10,000 years to open, and then when you try to scroll, it won't. So you try again. And then finally it scrolls...all the way to the bottom where you didn't want to be.