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COPYWRITING / MANUSCRIPT: The Human Solution: Big Business's Biggest Opportunity

Why our system has limited us, and how the Human Solution solves multiple bottom-line challenges by improving quality of life for all.


The Train Wreck That Gave Birth to the Org Chart

The Engineer and the Human Machine

CHAPTER 2: Women and Children First - The Throwaways

One of the Corporation’s Unseen “Golden Geese”: The Administrative Assistant

The 1950’s Rules, and the 2021 Impact

The Proof Is In the Payment

Belly Up To the Truth Bar

COPYWRITING / BLOG POST - #StoriesFromTheStoreFront - Episode #18

"The Care and Feeding of Your Customer Service Agent

Is this what it feels like to take on Customer Service? Been there. Done that. Once upon a time, about 20 years ago, I spent no less than 8 hours on the phone with AT&T. Why did I do that insanity? Because I was determined and a little stupid.

Want to tame the savage beast and get what you want out of your service call? FABulous! Here are some secrets you Did Not Know And Now Will. Here are a few suggestions about the Care and Feeding of
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COPYWRITING / BLOG POST - #StoriesFromTheStoreFront - Episode #30

"Yes, I want to buy a set of plates."

She might as well have said, "Hi, yes, this is the Voice of Doom."

Those freaking, fracking plates! You try it! You try navigating through arguably the WORST series of windows and options to find what belongs to each series of dinnerware. And good luck to you. Every single window takes approximately 10,000 years to open, and then when you try to scroll, it won't. So you try again. And then finally it scrolls...all the way to the bottom where you didn't want to be.
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VIDEO SCRIPT - Business Marketing

When planning a video, this is how you keep your time to a minimum, your creativity and preparation to the maximum, and your vision to the most focused: A video script. No matter how short your video is, this kind of script outlines the talk, the transitions, the visuals needed, any shoots needing to be scheduled, and you can bank on how much time itwill take - about 3 hours per video minute! So getting this going as your starting point is your best bet.
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